The World Done Lost Its Mind

Everywhere I look, people are accomplishing much to lower my opinion of the world that we are leaving behind.

Firstly, Wesleyan University has recently ordered that fraternities who reside on campus permit women to join. This is absurd, because then comes the roundabout lawsuit requiring sororities to allow men to join its ranks. While this may seem like a dream come true to most college guys, the reality is that women will absolutely lose their collective minds when they are forced to permit men to join their sorority. Come on, doesn’t anyone remember how well women reacted when it was determined that Hollins University (Roanoke, VA) had to allow men to enter into their graduate programs? The double standards will arise, without a doubt. It’s only a matter of time…

Secondly, my Facebook feed literally exploded today with the revelation that Tony Stewart won’t be charged with a crime in the death of fellow race car driver Kevin Ward. Naturally, the parents are threatening civil suit since their child (20, but hey, apparently we don’t need to act like adults until we’re 30 now) was killed by that heinous race car driver. In reality, the guy who died was high and ran into the middle of a track during a race (under caution, but still during a race) and was struck and killed by another drive in what was a tragic accident. Trying to defend those actions, to me, just seems absurd, and pushing a lawsuit forward would only tie up the courts and cost a lot of people money. Really, the only people who win here are the lawyers, because no amount of money is going to bring Ward back, nor will his parents find any relief.

Thirdly, it seems that a certain Damien Walters has continued his ignorant attack on, well, everything that he disagrees with, whether he has the facts or not. Of course, it could be that since he gets all his news from CNN, I can understand why he’s a bit confused. After all, 110% of Scots agree with him.

Lastly, I’m still writing. Really. I’m behind about 11 book reviews right now, but that’s because… I’m writing. And showing up in movies. And running conventions.

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