The Obligatory Update

Despite my best efforts (I mentioned it on Facebook, once), I did not become a finalist on the Goodreads Choice Awards 2014 list for any of my stories or novels (SF, Horror or… uh… one of the others). Lamentations! Egads! And stuff. No, I’m actually rooting for Larry Correia to win Horror. Why Larry’s Monster Hunter Nemesis got put in horror is beyond me. It’s urban fantasy. On the other hand, at least he’s not competing against the likes of Jim Butcher. Nope, he only needs to beat out Stephen King. Pshaw, easy stuff there.

I’ve been hard at work at Murder World: Kaiju Dusk these past two weeks. I’ve also been closing on the new house, which actually happens tomorrow (yay! made it in time for the 2014 tax year! woot!), and trying to figure out where the hell fall went. Seriously, it went summer, 2 weeks of falls, and winter. I’m looking out my window right now and it looks so sucky out there that I’m actually not going hunting today. No thank you. Maybe Wednesday, since tomorrow it’s supposed to be a high of 25F. For southern Virginia, that’s freaking cold this time of the year. Or any time, for that matter. I moved away from Colorado for a reason, damn it.

I have some book reviews to do, but this book needs to be done first. I’m actually hoping I can finish it up before I move into the new place (which will be after they update the electric… I’m not dealing with fuses when I need a 220v breaker box) but that may not actually happen.

This weekend I’ll be joining the TRMN down at Barnes & Noble in Lynchburg, VA to do charity work. The Clifton Forge Area Food Pantry is busier than ever and, as the holidays approach, need goods. We’ll be accepting donations at B&N this Saturday in exchange for gift wrapping books and stuff. I’m pretty good at this “gift wrapping” thing, so it should end well for us. If not, I’ll just blame Gerry.

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