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To all of you who have just discovered this place after seeing my name batted around on the internet yesterday and found yourselves asking “Who the hell is this guy?”, I welcome you. Keurig’s in the corner. Don’t touch my Sumatra.

Imagine my surprise yesterday upon waking up and discovering that I am on the Sad Puppies 3 slate for the Hugo Awards this year. Not for any ol’ novel, either, but for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Author which, to me, is the embodiment of the work I’ve done before and since I’ve been professionally published (which “professionally” started in 2014, thanks to quirky by-laws of the SFWA and the requirements for the Campbell Award). I’ve seen my name pop up on Brad Torgersen’s site, Vox Day’s site (although he’s calling it Rabid Puppies), Larry Correia’s, and my friends over at the Mad Genius Club. To all of them I say, “Oh wow, this is awesome! You guys are the best!”

Now, I’ve said in the past that I would be hard-pressed to accept a Hugo due to the SFWA’s apparent worship of convicted child abuser Samuel R. Delaney, Jr, as well as Marion Zimmer Bradley, another whose child abuse allegations (from her daughter) came to light last year. Any organization that would sweep things like this under the rug in the name of “art” (I’m looking at you, Screen Actors Guild) is not worthy of my time and, like a boil, needs to be lanced and then drained of all the nasty crap inside. Especially if they’re going to force me, a survivor of child abuse and 13 years in the group home system in California, to sit there at their prestigious awards ceremony and listen to them praise their child molesting buddies.

But the Campbell Award is not a Hugo award, merely presented at the Hugo Awards celebration. While it would make me very uncomfortable to accept an award where so many people in the room are vociferous child abuse defenders (i.e., they love them some Delaney and will probably end up arguing with me about this), I would at least have the moral high ground in telling them all to piss off. They may call me racist (I’m waiting for those accusations to begin. It should be interesting), or homophobic (my sister will argue with you on that one), or sexist (well, that would would be interesting, considering I hold quite a few female editors in high esteem and respect the hell out of them) but, in the end, they’ll do nothing more than make me smile and view them with both pity and disdain.

Of course, I’m waiting for the cries that I’m not eligible to erupt, since Corruptor was published in 2010. To that I say, read the rules. I never had a qualifying work published before 2014, since none of my anthologies, books or anything meet their requirements. In fact, if Murder World: Kaiju Dawn hadn’t come out, or the Kaiju Apocalypse trilogy hadn’t sold so well, I probably would still be eligible for a few more years. Well, maybe not. Hill 142 (which was featured in the Seventh Star Press anthology “Hero’s Best Friend”, published in February 2014) would have made this year my first year of eligibility either way. Yay Stephen and SSP!  You can go here and review the rules if you like. Feel free. I’ll be here when you get back.

I like rules, especially when they’re around to protect someone like me.

I seriously doubt that I’ll end up on the final ballot, however. There are so many authors out there who either were on the ballot last year or just missed the cut that I’m thinking that 2016 might be a better year for me.

Of course, that’s not going to stop people from immediately dismissing me because I’m a Sad Puppies candidate. To that I’ll reply “Tis better to die on my feet than survive on my knees.

Here is the Sad Puppies 3 — The Slatening List, courtesy of Larry Correia (Brad and Vox Day’s lists differ slightly, though I’m on all of them (huzzah!))


Best Novel
“The Dark Between the Stars” – Kevin J. Anderson – TOR
“Trial by Fire” – Charles E. Gannon – BAEN
“Skin Game” – Jim Butcher – ROC
“Monster Hunter Nemesis” – Larry Correia – BAEN
“Lines of Departure” – Marko Kloos – 47 North (Amazon)

Best Novella
“Flow” – Arlan Andrews Sr. – Analog magazine November 2014
“One Bright Star to Guide Them” – John C. Wright – Castalia House
“The Jenregar and the Light” – Dave Creek – Analog magazine October 2014
“Big Boys Don’t Cry” – Tom Kratman – Castalia House

Best Novelette
“The Journeyman: In the Stone House” – Michael F. Flynn – Analog magazine June 2014
“The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale” – Rajnar Vajra – Analog magazine July/Aug 2014
“Championship B’tok” – Edward M. Lerner – Analog magazine Sept 2014
“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium” – Gray Rinehart – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show

Best Short Story
“Goodnight Stars” – Annie Bellet – The Apocalypse Triptych
“Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer” – Megan Grey – Fireside Fiction
“Totaled” – Kary English – Galaxy’s Edge magazine
“On A Spiritual Plain” – Lou Antonelli – Sci Phi Journal #2

Best Related Work
“Letters from Gardner” – Lou Antonelli – Merry Blacksmith Press
“Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth” – John C. Wright – Castalia House
“Wisdom From My Internet” – Michael Z. Williamson
“Why Science is Never Settled” – Tedd Roberts – BAEN

Best Graphic Story
“Reduce Reuse Reanimate (Zombie Nation book #2) – Carter Reid – (independent)

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)
“The Lego Movie” – Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
“Guardians of the Galaxy” – James Gunn
“Interstellar” – Christopher Nolan
“The Maze Runner” – Wes Ball

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)
Grimm – NBC
Marvel’s Agent’s of Shield – ABC
Warehouse 13 – SyFY

Best Editor (Long Form)
Toni Weisskopf – BAEN
Jim Minz – BAEN
Anne Sowards – ACE/ROC
Sheila Gilbert – DAW

Best Editor (Short Form)
Mike Resnick – Galaxy’s Edge magazine
Edmund R. Schubert – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show
Jennifer Brozek (Shattered Shields)
Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Shattered Shields)

Best Professional Artist
Carter Reid
Jon Eno
Alan Pollack
Nick Greenwood

Best Semiprozine
Sci Phi Journal – Jason Rennie
Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show – Edmund Schubert
Abyss & Apex
Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine

Best Fanzine
Tangent SF On-line – Dave Truesdale
SF Signal – Jon DeNardo
Elitist Book Reviews – Steve Diamond
The Revenge of Hump Day – Tim Bolgeo

Best Fancast
“The Sci Phi Show” – Jason Rennie
Dungeon Crawlers Radio
Adventures in SF Publishing

Best Fan Writer
Matthew David Surridge (Black Gate)
Jeffro Johnson
Amanda Green
Cedar Sanderson
Dave Freer

The John W. Campbell Award
Jason Cordova
Kary English
Eric S. Raymond
Amy Turner Hughes

Now, most of these I agree with. However, I did have a few changes in the Best Novel and Best Fanzine, but overall I like this slate. I especially like that Amanda Green, Cedar Sanderson and Dave Freer are all on the list, as is Kevin J. Anderson. A lot of people are thrilled about Jason Rennie, but I don’t know much about him. However, since the only podcast I’m very familiar with is Stephen Euin Cobb’s, I have no problem adding Jason to fill out my ballot.

So again, welcome to the site. Try to keep any verbal jousting at “legible” levels. I hate trying to speak l33t.

*edit – 11 FEB 15* I should probably note that I had checked out Jason Rennie before I added him to my ballot. I failed to mention that in the post.

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