That Busy 2014

At the urging of my girlfriend, I’m listing everything I had published in 2014. It’s quite a bit. I didn’t realize just how busy I was last year.

  1. Hill 142 — Hero’s Best Friend, from Seventh Star Press. Short story, published February 2014 (Alternate History)
  2. Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon — Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse (2nd Edition, reprint), from MoonDream Press. Short story, published February 2014 (Horror)
  3. Paragon Idol — Sha’Daa: Pawns, from MoonDream Press. Short Story, published June 2014 (Horror)
  4. Nightwalker — Terror by Gaslight, from Iron Clad Press. Short story, published September 2014 (Horror)
  5. The Dead of Babylon — from Bad Moon Books. Short Story, published December 2014 (Alternate History)
  6. Kaiju Apocalypse I — from Severed Press. Novella, published April 2014 (Science Fiction)
  7. Kaiju Apocalypse II — from Severed Press. Novella, published June 2014 (Science Fiction)
  8. Kaiju Apocalypse III — from Severed Press. Novelette. published June 2014 (Science Fiction)
  9. Murder World: Kaiju Dawn — from Severed Press. Novel, published May 2014 (Science Fiction)

There was a crazy 30 day period where I had four things released in May-June. That was fun, trying to keep track of it all. I’m comparing this year to last and I feel as though I’m running a bit behind. I know I’m in two anthologies coming out this year (Sha’Daa: Facets and Heroes All), and both Murder World: Kaiju Dusk and Kraken Mare will see the light as well, but I still feel like I’m slacking off a bit. Still, five things published in one year is pretty damn good if you ask me.

Who knows? I might get into another anthology (I need to write the story for that soon) featuring zombies, and I may even expand upon the Hill 142 universe.

Anyway, back to work for me. I’ve got a deadline.

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