Just Your Average Everyday Friday

My post over at the Mad Genius Club is now live. I went to an interesting place during my thought process and delved into sociological change throughout history. I probably could have written about 4,000 more words on the topic but I have a book due.

I finished Best Laid Plans last night and managed to get it in to the editor with 90 minutes to spare. I normally don’t cut deadlines that close, but yeah, it was touch and go there for awhile. Heard back some positive comments of Chosen of the Red God and that makes me happy. Now, to finish Kraken Mare before Libertycon rolls around.

I also got The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats in the mail a few days ago, the advanced reader copy of Mark Hodder’s final novel in his Spring-Heeled Jack series. I’m interested in seeing how he ties this series up. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, even though I haven’t reviewed any of the books over at Shiny Book Review. Part of it was that another reviewer was supposed to review them, and never gave me back the books when she decided not to. Another is that I just haven’t had the time lately, as evidenced by my barely making my deadlines.

Hugo voting is now open. I’m sending Murder World: Kaiju Dawn and Hill 142 for the voter packet. Since they are two of my favorite things that were published in 2014 I figured they would both be good representatives of my writing style. I just have to remember to do it this weekend. I’ve been forgetting dates and such lately since my new daytime job has been slowly devouring my usual writing time.

I really want to go see Age of Ultron tonight but I have an early day tomorrow. Maybe I can go Sunday? I don’t know. We’ll see.

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