Well, this past week has been, in the Chinese sense of the word, interesting.

At work on Friday I slipped and messed my knee up. Initial x-rays show nothing broken, but the doctor was concerned about a possible PCL sprain or worse. So sometime this week I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully it’s just a sprain and I have to stay off of it for a few weeks and wear a knee brace. I don’t think I can do surgery with Libertycon right around the corner.

The pain pills have been messing with me enough that I really wasn’t sure I could even write the past few days, so I haven’t. It’s a good thing, too, because the pills made me sick. I hate taking pain meds for anything, and I mean anything. They had to stick a pain pump in my shoulder after that surgery because I told them how much I hated taking pain pills.

(for the record, those were some good drugs in that pump… I don’t really remember the three days after the surgery)

I turned in my Hugo votes on Saturday. I’ve read more stories and looked at more artwork over the past 6 days than I have in the past four months. That was a lot of words. I still think my initial nomination, The Three-Body Problem, is going to win. That book is just… wow. Hard to explain just how good it is without spoiling it. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Going to try to write some today, since the pain levels are tolerable. I forgot that I owed Nick Sharps a story, then remembered that I’ve got it half-finished already. He showed me the cover for the anthology and it looks pretty sweet. Reminds me of The Expendables movie poster, minus the body count. Of all the writers in the antho, though, I wonder who had racked up the highest body count? Considering I’ve destroyed Earth (twice) in my books, I’d say I’m pretty high up there.

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