Such Is Life

Some of the things I look most forward to end up disappointing me the most. I think it’s because I get my expectations up so high that when it finally does occur, it cannot meet the impossible expectation I have for it.

Such is life, I suppose.

I’ve been battling this knee injury for 7 weeks now, but the end is in sight. The MRI is scheduled for Friday, and it’ll probably be determined shortly after whether I need surgery or not. Since the growing consensus from medical experts and people who have suffered from this sort of injury seems to be “Yeah, you’re getting cut open”, I’m mentally preparing myself to be confined upstairs in my office (more so than now, which is kinda hard to beat). I don’t want to be stuck upstairs, but sometimes you don’t get what you want.

Been getting a lot of work done on Kraken Mare this past week. Granted, not a lot of word count going on, because I’m changing the POV. However, once the initial POV voice changes, I can go back and fix even more (like forgetting to describe things, etc). I can see the end of this book, and I think the publisher will be very pleased (even if it is a little late).

They’re doing some construction on the street outside my house. Not sure what they’re doing really, except that they’ve dug up half of the street and didn’t block off traffic so it’s not a gas line. Maybe a water line? Or sewer? Eh, as long as nothing blows up, I’m good.

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