…aaaaaand I’m back!

I really wanted to post live the Hugo Awards Saturday night but I’d been locked out of my website until today due to me changing computers and not saving passwords or two-step verification tables (I remember my passwords, but when you have 25 different ones, remembering which goes where can be troublesome). Thankfully, the people at WordPress saw my tweet and decided to help a brother out.

For future reference, may I recommend getting yourself some kind of password keeper on your machine? It can save you from some hassle.

First off, congratulations to Wesley Chu for winning the Campbell Award! I had it being either him or Kary English (with myself as a distant fourth). Turns out I was off about where I would end up. I finished 5th, well behind Wesley Chu and “No Award”.  Not too surprising, quite frankly. When I saw the asterisks (or Award of Exclamation, however people want to spin it) I knew that something strange was up.

I’m not dwelling on it, though. I’m still eligible next year (assuming I make the finalists list) and I can take pride in the fact that, going back as far as I can find, I received the most nomination votes for the Campbell Award in a single year in recent memory.

I also saw that Shiny Book Review got more than a handful of nominating votes for Best Fanzine. That’s pretty cool. I know I nominated it, but I didn’t think 4.2% of the nominating voters liked our work enough to suggest it as well. So for all of you who nominated Barb and I, as well as voting for me in the Campbell, thank you. It means a lot, especially for Barb, who works far more on SBR than I do. She’s the heavy lifter, and I get to take credit for the website. 🙂

Gearing up for another round of Operation Supply Drop in two weeks. This time we’ll be livestreaming 36 hours straight of World of Warships and donating all money to Operation Supply Drop, which assists with current military deployed overseas (to help them get care packages like videogames and stuff) as well as veterans who are home and readjusting to civilian life (mandatory fun days). If you’d like to know more about this awesome charity, go here and check them out. They’re some top-notch people who are doing great things.

The writing is still going well. Kraken Mare is being set aside for a week so I can finish Mother Mine, my Sha’Daa: Inked story. It’s a powerful homage to mothers who would do anything to save their children. Good, touching stuff IMO. I’m still gunning for a 2015 release of Murder World: Kaiju Dusk, though that’s looking shaky at the moment. This summer has not been the most productive one of my career, I can’t wait for the cold to come back. Even in the heat, though, I’m still averaging about 750 words a day. While this is crap when compared to my normal 2-3K daily output, it’s still writing.

Writing is very much like school — once you stop going, it’s harder to go back to it.

One thought on “…aaaaaand I’m back!

  1. I’m glad your back, Jason. 🙂

    Yes, any writing is good writing. 😀

    And yes, it’s good that SBR got some votes. Didn’t expect anything like that, but it’s a warming thought to realize that some folks like what we’re doing over there.

    (I need to get a review up this week, though. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I’m sleeping.)

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