The Theory of Everything is Revealing

I was going to finish Cân Rowan  this week and instead I got caught up in Darkling, the sequel to Wraithkin. Which is bad, because Cân Rowan has a check ready for me as soon as I turn it in (money!!!) while Darkling is still waiting on the publisher to decide what to do with the first book in the series (no money yet 😦 ).

…and then I added a new point of view character…

…and it’s easier to write than another point of view character I was planning on writing…

…which leaves me in the unenviable position of deciding which new POV character stays: the spy or the politician? The spy may be more fun to write and read about, but the politician can actually give more depth to the story and the overall situation at the time. *sigh* I can’t have both, though, because I don’t want to turn into A Song of Ice and Fire with 36 character POVs (no worries, I’ll never get that crazy… I have a hard enough time reading it and keeping track of every character while reading).

No word yet on Kraken Mare. I’m not too surprised, since they’re inundated with books right now (summer release season is almost upon us). One of my other coauthors (Eric S. Brown) has a new release out as well called Kraken (yes, we’re psychically linked… scary coincidence) and it has a pretty cool cover, so I’m hoping the delay is because they’re finding an awesome cover for it and they’re waiting for the big reveal.

That’s my theory, at least.


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