Sponsor the Charity, Buy the Shirt

So I’m on a shirt!

Okay, some back story here…

I help out quite a bit with the charity Operation Supply Dropwhich helps get video games and other entertainment devices into the hands of deployed troops overseas who have no other way to relax in their downtime, as well as help returning veterans readjust back into social gatherings by taking them to gaming conventions and whatnot. One of our favorite thing to do to raise money is a 36 hour livestreaming event called Tanking for the Troops. This helps raise money for Operation Supply Drop while allowing viewers the chance to win prizes within the World of Tanks online game.

In appreciation of our volunteer efforts, OSD commissioned one of our livestreamers/graphic designers (AnIdiotMachine) with all of the streamers names on it to create an M4A2E8 Sherman tank. It’s a pretty cool design (my name is the cupola on the turret and the antennae) and all of the proceeds from the shirt go towards Operation Supply Drop.

Not 10%. Not 75%. All 100% of it.

If you are interested in buying one, click here. It comes in five colors, a women’s cut and a hoodie as well (I’m sorely tempted to get the hoodie except I already own a few and don’t need another).

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