Changing With Every Read

While one would think that the lack of reviews for Kraken Mare (currently with two reviews only, even though both are good) I would be a sad camper. Except, as I said the other day, one cannot eat reviews.

The upside to the lack of reviews is that they don’t seem to be affecting sales in any way. Kraken Mare continues a slow, steady climb upwards, doing extremely well and actually taking the place of Kaiju Apocalypse as my highest ranking yet on Amazon. I can’t believe the positive comments I’ve received from people about the book. Chris and I thought it would be a crass and humorous book with lots of pop culture references and that was it. But people read books differently than you often intend, and see a deeper meaning or have an understanding of the book that you (the author) didn’t think of.

I hated The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter because, well, badly thought out sequel. But there was one comment in the movie that rang true with me then, and still does now. The bookstore owner (Mr. Koreander) says the following:

Ahh, but have you ever read a book twice? Books change each time you read them.

Surprisingly, they do change, because your understanding of the characters and the knowledge of the book within changes as well. You notice details that slipped by you the first time, and little changes can alter your perception of the novel on whole.

That’s why I always read a book three or four times. I always miss stuff.

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