Update and Merry Christmas

Just a quick update while on “vacation”.

Wraithkin is doing exceptionally well still, staying around the ranking I had anticipated while the holiday season is still in full effect. I’m hoping that the first two weeks in January see an increase in sales since that’s usually the time people start to buy their books again.

Saw an awesome review by JR Handley for Wraithkin as well. I should have pointed out that the Dominion, just like every other nation in existence, is not perfect. And I’ll leave it at that. You can go check out the review here.

Doing a little work on Book 2 of the Kin Wars Saga today. Darkling is coming along splendidly and at a much faster pace than Wraithkin did. I’m happy with the plot so far and the newish character POV shows a different side to everything. I’m really enjoying writing these characters and this universe.

Okay, time for breakfast. Don’t forget to pick up your copy today!

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