A Basketball Update

Man, basketball season has pretty much sucked away my entire life.

With practice almost every day and at least 2 games a week, and my regular 100+ hour work week schedule thrown in on top, it’s a wonder I even remember what my house looks like. We’ve gone through some major improvements as we get deeper into the season, and though we aren’t picking up the wins, we’re scaring the crap out of every team we play. The best part? I’m only graduating 3 seniors, and only 1 of them starts for me. I have a young team of sophomores and juniors, which means next year we’ll be a dangerous team. Especially with my guards getting better with each and every day.

While basketball is awesome, it also means that I haven’t been able to update here, or get any new writing done on Darkling. Which is a shame, because I believe that I can have the first draft completed within a month. That being said, basketball season is over after our February 28th game. That means by April 1st the book should be done. Which means… nobody will believe me if I announce it to be completed on April Fool’s Day.


I’m debating about setting up a mailing list here. I’ve never been a huge fan of them, mainly because they remind me of spam. That being said, I have a compendium built for the entire Kin Wars Saga made (albeit filled with spoilers because, well, spoilers) and I wanted a way to give it away for free. It dawned on me that people signing up for the mailing list could get rewarded with the free compendium. I was considering selling it for $1.99 until… yeah, mailing list.

I still might sell it and give it away. Who knows?

Don’t forget: if you picked up a copy of Wraithkin, give it a review over on Amazon. Many Bothans gave their lives for these review stars. The least you can do is leave some in remembrance of those poor, brave, retconned Bothans.

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