Keeping Busy

Time sure does fly.

I’ve been working a lot and wrapping up the basketball season. First year with a new offense, only 1 returning starter and a bunch of young guys and we finished at 10-19. Not too bad, considering. In the month of February it finally clicked and our PPG went up by almost 14 points per game and our shooting percentage went up a bunch too. We were ranked nationally in rebounds per game and our MVP was 2nd in the nation in rebounds per game. All in all, not bad. Next year looks even better as everyone becomes more familiar with the offenses and defensive rotations.I’m gunning for a 20 win season.

Of course, all this basketball means I have done very little writing lately. That all changes now that basketball is over. I’ve already made a goal to complete Darkling by the end of the month, and have my short story A Battle of Wits to be done sooner than that. I also need to finish Terrance the Terrible Toy Train of Tehon, a short story set in the Sha’Daa universe, and also wrap up Deathlords by the end of 2017.

Keeping busy, you know.

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