A Fistful of Time Slipping Through The Fingers

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who picked up a copy of Wraithkin over the past few months and then left a review. I really appreciate the reviews, especially when they average 4.7 out of 5 stars. It’s probably the highest rated book I’ve written, period. If you picked up a copy and haven’t left a review yet, I encourage you to do so. I heard somewhere that Amazon rewards you with leprechauns and pints of Guinness when you crack 50 reviews.

(ed. note — This might just be a rumor or a very closely guarded secret. Unsure at this time.)

Secondly, I’m still hard at work on Darkling, which is the sequel to Wraithkin. This book has been a bit of a challenge for me because, up until a week ago, there was something about one of the character’s arc that bothered me. It took a long conversation with a fellow author and good friend to figure out what, precisely, the problem was. Now that it’s all situated I should have the book done soon. His story was the only part which was bogging me down.

Keeping in that “change is for the better” vein, my work is changing from public to private school. It’s merely a reclassification and it really doesn’t change the way we’re doing things, merely how we look and function to the state. Now, so far as I can tell this is not set in stone yet, but it appears to be headed that way over the next month or so. But since plans oftentimes go awry, I’m taking a “wait and see” approach.

Other than that, nothing really new to report. I got the official contract for “Paint the Sky“, my short story in Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy’s Four Horsemen Universe. It’s going to be released at Libertycon this June so make sure that if you’re there you pick up a copy. I heard rumor that it’s going to be available in hard cover.

Speaking of Libertycon, I received my schedule of events. I’m BOOKED solid on Saturday. Here it is:

  • Friday – 5:00PM – Opening Ceremonies: Come boo me. It’s tradition.
  • Saturday – 10:00AM – What’s New in 1632?: A panel I seem to have been thrown on because I wrote a short story in it, I’ll try not to get on the real authors of that universe’s way.
  • Saturday – 11:30 – 1632 Mass Autograph Session: To be honest, I’m probably going to skip this. I’m having a 2 hour autograph session later and having this one kinda makes things redundant.
  • Saturday – 12:00PM (2 hours) – Author’s Alley: I’ll have copies of Wraithkin for sale. $15 per book (cheaper than Amazon). It also has a free excerpt in the back for Mark Wandrey’s Cartwright’s Cavaliers. I’ll sign it politely or, for more money, will mock whoever you choose.
  • Saturday – 4:00PM – Four HorsePersons of the Anthology: Kacey Ezell, Mike Massa, Chris Smith, and I team up for a reading again. Last year’s reading for us went extremely well, and this year it’s only going to get better. We even have THEMED t-shirts (I’m Pestilence… it’s a long story).
  • Saturday – 5:00PM – Freehold Written in Blood: Michael Z Willliamson and other guests (including me) will be talking about our short stories in the upcoming Baen Books anthology, Forged in Blood. This should be fun.
  • Saturday – 9:00PM – “A Fistful of Credits” release party: It’s also another book’s release party at the same time, but this is the one that I’ll be at. Again, I”ll sign any books thrust in front of me (I’ll even sign for Chris Smith so I can return the favor… I think he signs it “sooper speshul awthur Kris Smiff”.
  • Sunday – 10:00AM – Kaffeeklatsch: Coffee with me and other attending pros. Warning: do not tempt the authors before their coffee is poured. It is bad for your health.
  • Sunday – 12:00PM – What’s New From Copper Dog Publishing?: I have some short stories with them, and I owe them a short for another anthology (I’m sorry!!!), so we’ll probably be talking about that.
  • Sunday – 1:00PM – Autograph session: My last autograph session. I’ll be with some new writers named David Weber and John Ringo. Never heard of either of them so I’ll show them the ropes*.

(*that was sarcasm by the way)

Libertycon looks to be a lot of work this year which means it’ll be a lot of fun.

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