Counting the Days

I keep getting older, and these publishers stay the same age…

Sorry Matthew McConaughey, that still sounds creepy.

I turned *coughcough* this past week and while I don’t feel any older, my brain is convinced that I am slowly falling to pieces physically. Sure I’ve had a lot of joint pain the past 18 months but what other former athlete hasn’t? As long as opiates and ibuprofen don’t take control I’ll be fine.

That’s what I tell myself. My doctor begs to differ.

I’ve been slowly adding more to Darkling and, while it’s still adding, I’m also taking stuff out at the same time. Wrediting is what I call it and yes, totally a legit word. Look it up. I’m also already writing Deathlords becuase I want to drive myself insane. On top of that I’m starting to flesh out the fourth books of the Kin Wars Saga, tentatively titled Spinesplitter. That one has a major historical link and, if someone knows Arabic history, can guess what direction this book will be headed. I haven’t officially titled books 5 or 6 yet but they do have placeholder titles. I might even keep them, who knows?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I’m not on World of Tanks anymore. Part of it is quality of teammates and opposing play, but most of it is because I’ve had some major changes in my personal life which takes away a lot of my free time. No, my girlfriend is not pregnant. Sheesh.

Other than that, work and prepping for Libertycon. Which basically means I’m counting the days until I can get on my vacation!

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