So Much In So Long (and thanks for all the fish)

After speaking a bit with my publisher I can now confirm roughly my publishing schedule for the next 8 or 9 months.

  • September 5 — Forged in Blood anthology, ed. by Michael Z. Williamson from Baen Books. My short story within is called Magnum Opus.
  • Early September — Corruptor (Book 1 of The Warp) from Anticipation Press.
  • November — Devastator (Book 2 of The Warp) from Anticipation Press.
  • December — Darkling (Book 2 of the Kin War Saga) from Theogony Books.
  • February 2018 — Obliterator (Book 3 of The Warp) from Anticipation Press.
  • May 2018 — Vindicator (Book 4 of The Warp) from Anticipation Press.
  • June/July 2018 — Deathlords (Book 3 of the Kin War Saga) from Theogony Books.

Yeah, that is a crazy publishing schedule. Of course, this involves me knocking out the books in a rapid succession, but it’s not as though I haven’t done it before. Granted, I’m trying to get as much done as possible before basketball season starts, because I know for a fact that once we start the 2017-18 season you can kiss any writing production goodbye (except for Christmas break).

After that, it gets a little crazy. I have a proposal for three more books in the Kin War Saga that the publisher might be interested in, but it involves madness and chaos, which I do well so I suppose he’ll be interested. I also have a six book alternate history/steampunk series in the works that I’ve been batting around for awhile now, based on the universe I created with The Finder’s Keeper. Still working on a title for the series but I’m kinda leaning towards Honor Bound but, as always, that’s subject to change.

After that? Well, lots of projects still in the works. I’m going to wrap up the second Murder World book (Kaiju Dusk) eventually. I swear. Then I’ll be dipping my toe back into the YA field with the Cole series. That should keep me busy until 2021.

That felt weird typing out.

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