Writing Frantically

Over the last three days I’ve had free to write I’ve added 32,500 words. If I can do that all the time I can put out about one book every two weeks. I mentioned this to one of my publishers and he said “So do it.”

It’s like he wants me to go all hermitwriter on people…

There isn’t a lot to talk about on the writing front. Both Darkling and Devastator are coming along nicely. If I can keep the pace up, Devastator will be done by the end of the month, with Darkling completed by mid-September. Then I can crush the next two The Warp books out in rapid succession, then focus on the final Kin Wars SagaDeathlords.

Yeah, everything is going according to plan…

School starts back up tomorrow at work. I’m actually kind of excited about it. A lot of our boys are playing football this year, which meant that we don’t have a fall soccer team. That’s okay, because it just means that our spring soccer team will be top-notch. One of our boys actually made the All-District Second Team last year as a freshman. That’s pretty good considering the kid had only started playing soccer a year or two before.

I’m also finishing up our basketball schedule for the upcoming season. I’m really looking forward to watching my star forward crack 1,000 points for his career. Three years as a varsity starter on the hill is rare, so to see him do it is kind of awe-inspiring. He also could break 1,000 career rebounds as well, but that would take some major 20+ rebound games. Still, it’s mathematically possible.

Wally is doing well, though with the decline of his kidney functions he probably won’t live as long as the other cats. Still, he’s a happy kitty who seems to be not bothered by his illness, so I’ll keep him fed and happy until it’s time.

Other than that, not much going on around Casa Cordova.

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