October 26, 2017

Cover Reveal (Again)!

This is actually pretty cool.

In 2014 my coauthor (Eric S. Brown) and I wrote a “trilogy” (more like one book split into 3 novellas) called the Kaiju Apocalypse series.. It made us a bit of money and we actually hit the bestseller list with it for about two weeks.

In 2016 the largest publisher in Japan, Takeshobo, purchased the Japanese rights to the trilogy. The trilogy was converted into one novel, Kaiju Apocalypse, and published as a mass market paperback in Japan this past September. Eric and I only heard about it two weeks ago. I’ve been so busy at work and finishing Devastator (as well as the short stories “Keep the Home Fires Burning” and “Terrance the Terrible Toy Train of Terrano”
) that it completely slipped my mind.

Pardon the graininess of the image. It was downloaded from their site and then blown up a bit so people can see it.

Kaiju Apocalypse - Japanese Edition

Kaiju Apocalypse (Japanese Edition) Published 2017

My name looks cool in Japanese. Still waiting for my print copies of it, btw.



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