Random September Update

Picked up my tickets for Dragoncon 2019 already. I’m prepared!


The sales for Deathlords have been pretty solid, though it’s slowing down now. The nice thing, though, is that a lot of people purchased Wraithkin at Dragoncon, so I’ll see another uptick in sales as people move through the series. I’m already hard at work on book 4, which takes the entire Kin Wars Saga in a direction nobody really expected. I mean, I expected it, but since I already know how all 9 books are going to go, I have an advantage. Oh, by the way, you can pick up the series HERE. Really nifty feature on Amazon that I am taking full advantage of.

I’m hoping that I can write the next two books fast enough so that we can have another release party for book 5 at Dragoncon next year, as well as a new Four Horsemen universe novel out by then. That would be Fangmasterwhich is coming along nicely. After that should be the next book in that little “series”, though it’s not really a series. More like a tie-in collective of novels? Yeah, sounds right.

Not much else going on. Gearing up for basketball season, prepping for winter (I am severely lacking in hoodies this year), and looking at getting a new vehicle (I want all-wheel drive). The usual “Jason’s up to no good”.

Political campaign has been quietly chugging along. I haven’t really been pushing hard because it hasn’t been time, but now that October is here, the last 30 days will be a massive blitz. That’ll be fun. I have one debate/town hall meeting scheduled already on October 1st, and I know there are two or three more that will probably occur in the next few weeks as well. Good times.

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