October 18, 2018

Free Short Story

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a popup ad when you go to leave the website now. If you have a popup blocker, then you’re missing out on a free short story set in the Kin Wars universe titled I, BehemothThis story is set roughly 30 years before the events of Wraithkin and stars one of my first reader’s favorite characters, Stephanos Griffon.

Here is the cover of said story as well, designed by J. F. Posthumus. It’s a little plain at first, but the longer you look at it the more you’ll say “Hey, that’s the flower he described on the suits of the Mark Three’s!”

Feeling a little lost? Don’t be. It’s all within the first three books of the Kin Wars and is available at amazon and other online retailers.


Short Story 1

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  1. I’ve never managed to get this pop-up, no matter how many times I try.. Even turned off my popup and adblocker and tried it..


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