Countdown Excitement

One of the really cool things about being an author is that you can create your worlds at any time and work on them. Even if you don’t have all the information in the books, it’s always handy to have as a reference in the background for yourself when you’re writing a book or a series. I think for me maybe 5% of what I’ve written into the back story and history of the Dominion of Man has actually made it into the Kin Wars Sagaso far. 

For The Warp it’s a little different. I knew that most of what I wrote for back story was going into the series because that’s just how it worked out. Of course, there’s not as much “fiction creating” as there is in the Kin Wars, since it’s set in roughly 5-10 years in the near future. The tech is where it’s at in The Warp, but since it’s very similar to what we have now, it’s easy for me to research and use just about everything. For the Kaiju Apocalypse trilogy, Eric and I simply winged it. The only research I did was for the ending of Book III.

The temptation for me to share too much information is something I fight all the time. I know I hate it when an author infodumps, so I try not to do it to others. But still, I want people to know as much about the universe as I do. I want them to love the worlds so the urge remains, even though at an intellectual level I know I shouldn’t.

I have a gift coming for all of you who belong to my mailing list. I’m not spoiling the surprise just yet, but I would suggest joining the mailing list to get your free short story in the meantime. The “gift” will be coming on December 21st, so you still have some time to sign up. I’m extremely pleased with how this is turning out, by the way. Yes, it’s free for people who belong to the mailing list only, and after Dec 21st it won’t be available for free any longer. The current short story I, Behemoth will remain for those who first sign up for the mailing list, so don’t worry about that.

Counting down. It’s very exciting.

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