June Birthday Month

Though I’ve been busy, I do have some really cool things to update all of you on.

First off, the second book in the Kin Wars Saga came out today over at Audible. DARKLING picks up not too long after the events which set the entire stage in WRAITHKIN, and continues the adventure of the Espinoza family as they struggle to hold the nation they call home together. It is read once again by the amazing Rob Saladino, who is a new actor in the movie industry. I was lucky to snag him before he gets huge and he does a wonderful job.

SONS OF THE LION continues to kick butt thanks to all of your support. It’s been as high as #2 on Amazon and so far, the reviews have been terrific. If you haven’t left your review yet, now is the time! Leave a review here.

Thirdly, the winners of the #LionWatch have been notified and prizes sent out (mostly). The Grand Prize winner will be having steak and beer with me while at Libertycon next weekend, all on my dime. I’m looking forward to the Q&A the winner will undoubtedly grill me with. He’s a pretty hardcore fan of both the Kin Wars and Four Horsemen universes.

There is a small pause now between releases as I continue to push forward on Book 5 of the Kin Wars Saga. WINTERBORN is fun but it’s also very difficult to write, especially after the events at the end of Book 4. However, I want to make sure this book is the best yet, so I’m taking extra caution. Expect an October/November release date, which will then be followed closely by the final book of The Warp series, VINDICATOR.

December release date for the FREEHOLD: VENGEANCE anthology from Baen Books, and that should be my year unless something else comes along. 2019 has been very successful so far and we’re only halfway through.

I also turned 41 this month. I don’t feel old. Mostly. Okay, that’s a lie. My back tells me I’m 80. Ouch.

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