We Dare & Sons of the Lion Are BOTH Out!

The past nine days have been tremendously exciting for me. First, a little over one week ago, SONS OF THE LION was released and immediately shot up the charts. The sales for it are still going strong, and the reviews have all been positive as readers are reintroduced to characters they’d only seen in short stories. Writing the novel to also include events which occurred in other Four Horsemen Universe books was a challenge, but I think it came out rather well. The momentum is continuing to increase and I couldn’t be happier.

Out now! Click the picture for the link to purchase!

Two days ago, the anthology WE DARE was released. In it was a Kin Wars Universe short story called IMPERFECT MIND, which covers the very first Wraith in the series as well as ties her into the latest novel in the series, HOMEGUARD. This anthology, edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, still needs more reviews but otherwise it’s doing well. I’m impressed by all the stories within and can’t wait to see where some of the other authors take their universes.

We Dare is out! Click the pic for a link to buy it!

Working on WINTERBORN and VINDICATOR simultaneously at the moment, which I plan on turning in before too long, as well as beginning to outline a new fantasy series that’s been bubbling in my brain for the past 7 or 8 years. I’m also prepping the universe bible for the Kin Wars anthology. Then, if all goes well, I might have 3 books come out between November and December. Who knows?

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