Back to the Grind

Those first two weeks post-Libertycon are always rough. I already miss my friends and family, and coming back to work simply bites. On the other hands, bills and stuff still exist, so it’s back to the grind.

However, I did come out of that weekend with a new book contract, signed and delivered last week. The novella, with two other authors featured within, will be titled Sha’Daa: Zombie Park. Many of you know or remember the short stories I’ve had published in the Sha’Daa series, most notably the rendition where I had two different short stories in it (Sha’Daa: Pawns had “Crouching SEAL, Sleeping Dragon” in the first edition, and “Paragon Idol” in the second after CSSD was moved to the reprint of Sha:Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse), so to say that I’m thrilled to be writing with two of the more popular indie horror writers out there (Eric S. Brown and Gustavo Bondoni). Yeah, I’m excited too! I’ll show off the cover art when I see get permission from the publisher, naturally.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten with Jaime Ibson and we’ve been hashing out the outline for a novel we both really want to write. The only issue so far is that Jaime is very detail oriented, whereas I’m a “pantser” and just want to write. Plotting, outlining, creating character arcs? Bah, those happen by the grace of the writing gods… or at least, they used to, before Jaime sat me down for four hours and showed me The Way. I’m not converted (yet), but I did hear the Word of the Editor, and it has some interesting points.

Enough procrastinating, Cordova. Get back to work.

Hey, Sons of the Lion is still a top seller. Keep it there! Don’t forget to leave a review!

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