A Plan Comes Together

Just a quick update to let everyone who comes here that yes, I am still alive and no, I haven’t stopped writing. Far from it, in fact. Right now my problem seems to be too many pieces of iron in the forge.

My co-author Jamie Ibson and I have finally settled on a title for our current 4HU work in progress. GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY is moving along steadily and while he doubts we can do it, I believe we can turn it in by Halloween. This novel is a look at how diplomacy within the Four Horsemen Universe can be twisted to mean something else entirely. We’re both super excited about how it’s turning out.

My second book I also plan on turning in on Halloween is one I’ve been working on for over a year now. Yeah, slacker, I know. But THE CHRISTMAS SURPRISE is a YA novel and is starting a new project series I’m planning. This should be out by Christmas, just in time for the season.

Still working on Book 5 of the Kin Wars Saga. WINTERBORN has hit a snag — me. I’ve been trying to work in stuff that really should wait until Book 6 but I want it now and it’s frustrating because I’m fighting with myself about it. However, I still think I can get this done and turned in by Christmas. Yes, about four months later than I anticipated, but life happens sometimes. At least it’s not, oh, 8 years later (I’m looking at you, DEVASTATOR).

Speaking of….. *sigh*. I’m going to have to break a promise to a young fan of The Warp series. I’m sorry, Tristan, but it’s not going to happen this year. I had planned and even promised to complete the last book of the trilogy before the end of 2019, but there isn’t enough time for me to accomplish this. Instead, if all goes well, I can wrap it up early 2020 and get it out then. I can finally finish telling Tori’s story and wrap up VINDICATOR once and for all. While The Warp holds a special place in my heart (CORRUPTOR was the first novel I ever wrote, and The Warp is the first series I ever attempted), I’ll be happy to finish telling the story. I could see it going forward, but it would take place in the far future and not feature any of the characters people know and love from the series, which would make it something else entirely. *shrug*

I’m also slowly building up the next project series, an epic fantasy set in a world where magic is real and has a high, high cost. I’m really looking forward to getting this finished. It’s one of those rare ones where I want to finish it just so I can read it. There’s a name for it but my collaborator and I are sitting on that right now.

Hmm…. okay, so besides the other two, I have a short story coming out in the next Freehold anthology. FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE tells of multiple short stories sequentially during the U.N. occupation of the Freehold of Grainne. My short story covers what happens when you really need to say “Incoming!” during an attack. It’s called “The Prayer Wheel”. I have one short already set in this universe (FORGED IN BLOOD anthology, “Magnum Opus”) and I was excited when I was asked to participate a second time. Release date is December 3, 2019 from Baen Books. You can preorder it now.

I also have a JTF13 novel due, but that’s further down on the list. I still have a few more 4HU novels I would like to write as well, time permitting. Being a full-time writer allows me to use my time well, and I have far more energy to create than I did three months ago. I do miss my old job a little, but I definitely don’t miss the constant mental exhaustion.

I’ll save the crippling self-doubt for the writing, TYVM.

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