Name of the Game?

I just got back from Colorado yesterday and I’m still beat, so I’ll make this brief. I might put up a full-on AAR about the Colorado trip but then, it was pretty boring. The train trip was… interesting, to say the least, Patchouli Rod, you shall live on forever in infamy.

Two new anthology invites accepted, co-authoring one short story with my quasi-adoptive Portuguese mother (I’m not exactly sure who adopted who here) and the other is a continuation edited by another co-author.

GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY is on the last home stretch. I say this because it has officially passed the halfway point. Once I hit this, the book is as good as done. Jamie is a little nervous since I’m cackling gleefully and preparing for 8-10k word days.

After that, my baby kaiju kids book will be finished and come out in time for Christmas this year. Really looking forward to this one. It’s tentatively titled THE CHRISTMAS SURPRISE right now, though that could change. Once those two are done, I have a HUGE book project to finish before I delve back into the Kin Wars Saga. Yes, I said I’d have the next one in the series done this year, but life sometimes kicks you square in the face and says “Not today.”

Nonetheless, WINTERBORN will be turned in soon enough. This should put me into… March 2020? I have a second book following up GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY (okay, it’s more along the lines of a parallel novel) which is outlined and started. No title yet, but it’s a very strange take on the 7 Samurai.

Keeping busy is the name of the game.

Speaking of keeping busy, have you purchased and reviewed your copy of SONS OF THE LION yet? 2019 Finalist for the Dragon Award (Best Military Science Fiction/Fantasy category) and a hard-hitting look at both African tribal and family links in a science fiction environment, it brings home the idea of one people as a mercenary company struggles to build a brighter future for not only their tribes but all of Liberia as a whole.

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