The Match of the Century

I’ve had to step back from social media this past week. It’s not for anything bad. It’s just quickly becoming a time sink where I spend more time responding to… whatever somebody is butthurt about this week instead of writing. It’s why I like this website. My home, my rules, and people don’t have to see it flash across their screen unless they willingly come here in the first place.

I’m currently working on Book 1 of the Epic Fantasy series I’ve been babbling about for the past few months. It’s coming along, albeit slower than what I’m used to. However, while my co-author has it and is looking things over, it gives me the free time to finish up my SHA’DAA: ZOMBIE PARK novella, which also features two other authors. I’m the “anchor” of the book, meaning my story is the last one. I’m hoping it sees print before June 2020.

Speaking of book releases, FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE seems to be doing very, very well in sales. Not as many reviews as I’d like to see but overall, I’m happy with how well this anthology is doing. I’m pretty sure Baen Books is ready to put out another one, possibly in 2021. I know this because I signed a contract last week for my short story set in it. 🙂 That actually brings the total of traditionally-published short stories to 4, making me SFWA eligible. Well, technically I’ve been eligible for a few years now, but… meh. My feelings regarding them have been addressed in the past. No need to rehash the hate.

HOWEVER, I did want to congratulate Lois McMaster Bujold on being name a Grandmaster of Science Fiction and Fantasy today. I mean, she’s been one for years in my book, but only now for some reason did the SFWA see fit to award her for her amazing books. This LINK HERE will show you just how many books and stories she had written over the years, as well as the amount of awards she has been nominated for, and won.

Meanwhile, A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE will be coming out in the next week or so. I’m super excited about it, though I’ve curtailed my usual social media blitz that I usually do because soon after, GUNBOAT DIMPLOMACY will also be out. Then, three weeks after GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY is out, the audiobook of SONS OF THE LION will be released. Phew! My publishers like to keep me busy.

Not sure who’s going to win that battle. On one hand, Peacemaker Hr’ent is a master at armed and unarmed combat and is one of the most dangerous aliens in the universe. On the other, the pure adorableness of Georgie the baby kaiju is going to be tough to beat. This one is going to be the match of the century.

Hmmm…. I feel like I’m missing something. Oh yeah! I’m still working on WINTERBORN, Book 5 of the Kin Wars Saga. Other than that crazy 2018, I’ve been average about one book per year for this series and this one seems to be right one track. I know a lot of readers hate that but I have a lot of different things going at once, and sometimes I have to turn on the slow burners to keep everything going. However, given the… nature of Book 4’s ending, I can understand people’s impatience. I would say “I’m sorry” but that would make me a liar. So while I didn’t hit my goal of having it done by December, I do know that it’s right there and needs a few weeks of intense focus on my part to finish it up.

I had a 500,000 words written goal for the year and, barring some insanity this month, I’m going to miss it. I should be coming in at around 425,000 words, which isn’t too shabby. But it’s not my goal. Perhaps 2020 I can break 500,000 finally?

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