Webster Award Finalist

Just found out this morning that my novel, SONS OF THE LION, is a finalist for the Webster Award handed out at Ravencon in Virginia next year. The Webster Award is awarded to Virginia’s best author. I’m competing against my friend R. S. Belcher this year. Last year my other friend and publisher, Chris Kennedy, won the inaugural award.

I didn’t write this book to win awards but to entertain and, possibly, to open people’s eyes about the current issues in Africa, even though it was set in the future. However, given how popular it’s been and the response I’ve received, I’m pleased people have responded positively. I’m proud of this book and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If you would like to vote for me, please CLICK HERE. Since Chris won it last year, I’d love to keep this award within the CKP author stable. Voting will go through February and the award will be presented in April 2020 at Ravencon.

2019 Dragon Award finalist and now, 2019 Webster Award finalist

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