Baby Kaiju Sighting!

NORAD every year tracks Santa as he makes his way across the US because we don’t want another incident like in 1991, when two F-18’s were scrambled out of Lackland AFB when an unidentified aircraft violated the restricted airspace. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed when the UFO was identified as a sleigh being pulled by eight reindeer. Crisis averted, NORAD has made its mission since to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to prevent another accidental crisis from occuring.

However, what is lesser known is every year around this same time, the US COMSUBPAC (Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Ocean) begins Operation Bigtooth, where the submarines of the Pacific Ocean all begin to watch out for when the Christmas Kaiju comes towards Hawaii to leave gifts for all the little boys and girls (and a huge headache for those who have the clean up the destruction afterwards). This year, it appears one of them has gotten lost and ended up as a little girl’s pet.

This Thursday, December 19, we find out what happens to the little Christmas Kaiju.

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