FantaSci Schedule

I’m not overly busy this coming FantaSci, which means I have a lot of time to cause shenanigans do things I normally wouldn’t have time to do. I actually get to sleep in on Sunday morning which, if you know me, is a huge deal (I’m usually on the earliest panels possible because they love me… really). The Guest of Honor this year is Larry Correia, he of Monster Hunter International fame (as well as Dead Six, Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, and The Grimnoir Series).


  • 2:00PM (Rose Room) — Collaborating with an Author — join me and my coauthor Christopher L. Smith, along with D.J. Butler, William Roberts, and H.P. Holo as we talk about the trials and tribulations, as well as the wild and zany fun, of writing with another individual. (1 hour)
  • 3:00PM (Magnolia Room) — Writing By the Seat of Your Pants — I get to hang out with H.P. Holo, Drew Avera, Rob Howell, Karen Frost, and Doug Dandridge as we talk about the advantages (and downside) of writing on the fly and oftentimes without a detailed outline. (1 hour)
  • 5:00PM (Rose Room) — Four Horsemen Universe — Chris Kennedy Publishing brings you the most popular military science fiction universe out there right now as the Four Horsemen Universe officially crashes the FantaSci literary track. Join Chris Kennedy, (presumably) Mark Wandrey, Jon Osborne, Christopher Woods, Rob Howell, Benjamin Smith, and myself as we talk all things 4HU-related and what is coming up soon (hint — my next 4HU novel!). (1 hour)
  • 6:00PM (Magnolia Room) — Opening Ceremonies — Pretty self-explanatory. Join the Guests of Honor as well as just about EVERYONE else as we officially kick off FantaSci 2020. (1 hour)


  • 9:00AM — (Camellia Room) — Creating Realistic Military Science Fiction — Join us for a hard look at how to make science fiction more realistic while not losing the entertainment value of simply “blowing sh*t up” to solve a problem. Dr. Charles E. Gannon, Rob Howell, Stephen Simmons, Drew Avera, and myself tackle the age-old question of “would too many explosions hurt the realism here?” (1 hour)
  • 11:00AM — (Rose Room) — Chris Kennedy Publishing – The Year Ahead — all of the CKP authors should be here, including yours truly, as publisher Chris Kennedy shows everyone just what is in store for the company for 2020… and beyond. (1 hour)


  • 11:00AM — (Magnolia Room) — Leap, Duck, and Scribe! — I’m on two panels during this hour, which is a mean feat in itself. I’m not really sure what this panel is about (I know I read the description but my memory failed the INT check just now). I do know that William Roberts, Christopher Ruocchio, Ian Malone, and H.P. Holo will be here and it should be a lot of fun. (1 hour)
  • 11:00AM — (Rose Room) — Writing Believable Science Fiction — I feel like we’ve done this one already, but hey, a “master class” on how not to suck at writing MilSF is always a good thing at cons, especially given the amount of writers currently in our genre. Chris Kennedy, Rob Hampson, Monalisa Foster, Drew Avera, and myself are going to teach perspective authors what to look for when trying to not suck while writing military science fiction. (1 hour)

That’s it for the weekend. I’ll probably be at the Baen Road Show as well but I’m not really a part of it, more like a member of the audience. Really looking forward to this year’s convention and I’m super stoked at getting to hang with all of my friends again.

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