XFL Week 4 — Non-Review

Copyright 2020 XFL

No XFL review this week. Sorry. I’m on the home stretch of DAUGHTERS OF THE PRIDE and I don’t want to stop. The XFL Review usually takes a few hours to compile because I go through all the games again, write up my thoughts, and compare stats.

However, I did finish 2-2 last weekend, watched my DC Defenders get humiliated once again, and got surprised by Tampa (two 100-yard rushers? NICE) and had my faith in Jordan Ta’amu reaffirmed (he’s quickly turning me into a Battlehawks fan).

Week 5 Bold Predictions (Home team marked with an *asterisk)

  • *Houston 30, Seattle 9
  • New York 19, *Dallas 15
  • St. Louis 35, *DC 21
  • Tampa Bay 16, *Los Angeles 6

Week 4 Record — (2 – 2)

Season Record — (11-5)

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