2020 Helicon Award Winner

Let’s be honest — most authors don’t write a book to go out and win awards. We typically write it because we have a story to tell. Anybody who writes a book just to win an award? Well, more power to them, I suppose.

I found out today that SONS OF THE LION won the 2020 Helicon Award for Best Military Science Fiction. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. It wasn’t my goal at all to aim for any awards when I wrote it almost two years ago, but hey, if people want to show the Kakata Korps some love, then by all means. If you want to see the presentation video for all the winners, click here. It’s about 3m30s long or so.

This is the third award SotL has either won of been a finalist for. Remember, SotL was a Dragon Award finalist in 2019 for Best MIlitary SF/F, and is currently a finalist for the Webster Award (well, it is what got me nominated as Best SF/F Author of Virginia, which is what the Webster Award is). Since Ravencon was cancelled I’m not sure when/if they’ll announce the winner of that one.

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, the sequel to SotL, DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE, is already over the projected word count and rocketing towards the finish. If I don’t turn it in by Sunday then I am a filthy slacker who should be sent pizza.

…wait, don’t reward me for failure.

In other news, yes I’m still alive. But as I mentioned above, I’m wrapping up a book, so I tend to get a little quiet when this happens. Plus I have a short story due next weekend which needs to be finished, as well as wrapping up the Sha’Daa novella… busy busy.

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