Abgesagt! Canceled! Cancelado?!

FantaSci is canceled. I, like everyone else, am upset but understand the convention staff’s response due to the state of emergency being declared by the Governor of North Carolina.

It really sucks because of how much fun I had last year, and how long I’ve been looking forward to this year’s edition. However, so far as I can tell, Libertycon, Wyvacon, and Dragoncon are all still a “go”. I’m uncertain about my trip to Texas, though I won’t change that until the last minute should something go awry.

I’d been super quiet last week because I was battling the flu (not the Wuhan Flu, but good ol’ generic Type A Influenza, plus with added bonus of seasonal allergies) but I did get some writing done. I still plan on having DAUGHTERS OF THE PRIDE done and turned in by this weekend, though this may cause some lack of sleep on my part since I fell off so much last week.

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