Still #1

Thanks to everyone for helping make DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE the #1 bestselling book in action and adventure on Amazon! Not only did it reach #1 within hours of being released, it has held down the #1 spot (minus a few hours when my friend Tim C. Taylor’s book took it over) since. That is because each and every one of YOU helped make it possible.

WINTERBORN (Book 5 of the Kin Wars Saga) is still on track for an August 15 submission to the publisher. I’m writing scenes at the moment which eerily match both the Time of Terror and the current riots going on in various cities across the United States. “Write what you know” is often tossed around like kibble, but in this case being a huge history nerd really helps draw some parallels between the then and the now.

If some guy named Rob S. Pierre takes over the rioting, I’m running to an island in the Keys and locking it down.

Hope everyone is doing well otherwise. I’ve seen disturbing footage of innocent people being attacked for no other reason than their skin color. This wasn’t cool in the 1800’s, nor during the Civil Rights era. It’s definitely not okay now. One of the things I pointed out to my students when I was teaching was the correlation between terrorism and the French Revolution. The basis of terrorism is to cause terror. That’s it. During the Reign of Terror the French people turned on one another and many, many innocent victims were executed because their views weren’t pure enough. Or perhaps they didn’t cheer hard enough for the Committee for Public Safety’s latest proclamation. In the end, it didn’t matter. If you were “canceled”, you were done.

Sadly, history repeats. I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where the counter revolution is worse.

Stay safe, people. Love your families and you neighbors. Respect your elders. Teach your children.

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