Finally, today is the day! I love Release Day because it means I can finally talk about events in the book. You have no idea how hard it is for someone like me to shut up about a project. Especially once which I put so much into, like I did with DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE.

Click the picture to buy the book

Also, the narrator turned in the audiobook for DEATHLORDS recently and we’ll be seeing that up on audible in the coming weeks. I’m jazzed about getting this one up, and hopefully they will get book 4 (HOMEGUARD) of the Kin Wars turned in before I turn in book 5 (WINTERBORN). Still on track for submitting WINTERBORN to the publisher on or around Aug 15.

The entire point of being an author is to keep busy. Fortunately, the varying projects I have in the air keep me very, very busy.

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