An Update, In Repose

Sam Smith (full name — Samuel Collingwood Smith, but that’s a lot to type out…) posted a brilliant takedown of the individual who launched a slanderous, defaming, and fraudulent attack against Toni Weisskopf and Baen Books after the whole kerfuffle went down two weeks ago. You can find that initial article here. It was a pretty good piece, all in all, and covered fully just why Jason Sanford should rightly and justly be vilified for orchestrating such a hit piece in the first place.

However, as the world has slowly begun to move on after Worldcon decided to uninvite their Editor Guest of Honor, Toni Weisskopf, a few people such as Mr. Smith decided to delve into the mind of Jason Sanford a little further. I don’t know why, to be fair. Individuals such as Jason Sanford seem content with ruining other people with falsehoods simply to gain recognition. Their minds are very peculiar places to begin with. However, Mr. Smith found some very disturbing things. I invite you to go and read the allegations against Jason Sanford for yourself, and make your own decisions.

In the meantime, I’m still working on Book 2 of The Cycle of Shadow and Light. Production has slowed somewhat as I realized I hadn’t actually thought about one of the major set pieces of the book yet and I need to rectify this. The book itself is about 40% complete at this point, and I’m already laying down plot roots to take shape for later books, because I’m sneaky like that.

Also, the 2021 Dragon Awards are open for nominations. I have one piece eligible, but it’s a good one — “DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE” sequel to the 2019 Dragon Award finalist novel “SONS OF THE LION“, came out in July of 2020, which makes it eligible due to a strange quirk in the publishing schedule at Chris Kennedy Publishing. Hey, whatever works, right? Anyway, “DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE” seems to have garnered much higher ratings than its predecessor, and is worthy of Best Military Science Fiction/Fantasy Award, I feel.

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