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Fantasci 2021 Schedule

I’ll be attending Fantasci this coming weekend (May 21-23) in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Here’s my panel schedule (note: I’m not entirely sure what all the panels are about, so I’ll be winging it on a few — not that I typically prepare for a panel anyway).


  • 2:00PM — Jump Shot (w/ Ian J. Malone, Stephen Simmons, and Jason Cordova)
  • 5:00PM — Kill ’em All, Writing Battle Scenes (w/ Rob Hampson, Chris Smith, Doug Burbey, and Jason Cordova)


  • 10:00AM — Baen Road Show (I’m not scheduled to appear but I’ll be there)
  • 2:00PM — Fantasy Gaming (w/ Christopher Woods, Jon Osborne, Stephen Simmons, and Jason Cordova)
  • 4:00PM — Reading (I’m not sure what I’ll be reading just yet… probably a bit from The Emissary of Shadow)
  • 9:00PM — Do You Want To Join My Anthology? (w/ Mike Massa, T. C. McCarthy, Monalisa Foster, and Jason Cordova)

I have nothing scheduled for Sunday so I will probably be available until 2 or 3PM, which is when I’ll be heading home. It’s only a 3 hour drive for me so it’s not too bad.

On the home front, the roofing company came and did a terrific job putting on my new roof. Of course now that this is happening I’m having plumbing problems. Being a homeowner is a mixed bag sometimes. Ah well. One day I plan on not having neighbors, and that day will be a glorious one.

Everyone at Casa Cordova is doing well. Baseball season is motoring along. We’re 4-2 right now, which is better than I thought we’d be. The boys are really coming together and showing improvements each week.

By Jason Cordova

Born in Orange, California, author Jason Cordova has written books ranging from the fantastical realms of fantasy to the militaristic side of science fiction. His latest should be out soon. Really. You should probably buy it. Check Amazon. Demand it at your local store. Pay for his kitten kibble.

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