Fantasci 2021 Schedule

I’ll be attending Fantasci this coming weekend (May 21-23) in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Here’s my panel schedule (note: I’m not entirely sure what all the panels are about, so I’ll be winging it on a few — not that I typically prepare for a panel anyway).


  • 2:00PM — Jump Shot (w/ Ian J. Malone, Stephen Simmons, and Jason Cordova)
  • 5:00PM — Kill ’em All, Writing Battle Scenes (w/ Rob Hampson, Chris Smith, Doug Burbey, and Jason Cordova)


  • 10:00AM — Baen Road Show (I’m not scheduled to appear but I’ll be there)
  • 2:00PM — Fantasy Gaming (w/ Christopher Woods, Jon Osborne, Stephen Simmons, and Jason Cordova)
  • 4:00PM — Reading (I’m not sure what I’ll be reading just yet… probably a bit from The Emissary of Shadow)
  • 9:00PM — Do You Want To Join My Anthology? (w/ Mike Massa, T. C. McCarthy, Monalisa Foster, and Jason Cordova)

I have nothing scheduled for Sunday so I will probably be available until 2 or 3PM, which is when I’ll be heading home. It’s only a 3 hour drive for me so it’s not too bad.

On the home front, the roofing company came and did a terrific job putting on my new roof. Of course now that this is happening I’m having plumbing problems. Being a homeowner is a mixed bag sometimes. Ah well. One day I plan on not having neighbors, and that day will be a glorious one.

Everyone at Casa Cordova is doing well. Baseball season is motoring along. We’re 4-2 right now, which is better than I thought we’d be. The boys are really coming together and showing improvements each week.

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