Helping Out Another

This week, I want to talk to you about a friend of mine I’ve known for **cough cough mumble** years now who only recently became an author. His name? Shane Gries.

Shane writes what I like to call epic space opera. He’s less about the “pew pew!” and more about the story and plot. Not to say he doesn’t occasionally blow something up, though. In fact, there are some serious “boomies” throughout the series. His stuff is flat-out good. His first book, FROM THE ASHES OF A DEAD WORLD, came out in December 2020 to huge applause. Hell, it has more reviews than WRAITHKIN does. Since December, the next two books in the series have been published. FROM THE ASHES OF INTERSTELLAR EMPIRE and FROM THE ASHES OF ARMAGEDDON have both done well and are terrific reads.

Shane also has a website. It doesn’t get many visitors. You should go and say “Hi”. He’s a cool dude. Scary smart, too.

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