Release Date — Part Deux!

We Dare: Wanted, Dead or Alive

WE DARE 4: WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE is out now and available from Chris Kennedy Publishing. I have a short story in this, title “Hard Bounty”, and features Quintus Fox and his three quantum wolf pups making new friends and taking down bad guys. Lots of fun.

Fifteen outstanding authors. Fifteen stories about bounty hunters and their bounties!

There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.
– Hemingway.

Bounty hunting is one of those morally gray areas that exist at the periphery of civil society. Few people know anyone whose job it is to find and retrieve fugitives, and bring them before the courts. In the future, however, one can envision any number of ways of how bounty hunting can be used (or abused) for any number of problems. Alien monsters haunting your space station? Bring in a team of hunters, and watch the double-crosses fly. Indentured workers flee ‘the system’ for the safety and anonymity of the Underhive? Facial recognition and some DNA sampling might help you find them. On the flip side of the coin, what if you were born wanted, and have been on the run your whole life?

Edited by Jamie Ibson, We Dare: Wanted, Dead or Alive is a collection of fifteen all-new stories that explore the wheres, the hows, and the whys behind this anti-hero filled profession.

Besides me, you’ll find stories from Rick Partlow; Quincy J. Allen; A.K. DuBoff; Hinkley Correia; Casey Moores; William Alan Webb; Rachel Aukes; Josh Hayes ; Tim C. Taylor ; Matt Novotny; S.C. Jensen; Griffin Barber; Christopher Woods, and Jamie Ibson.

There’s another anthology I’m in that’s coming out Monday. But we’ll talk about that then.

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