The Land of Anarchy and Hustle

What’s new in the land of Córdova, you ask? Well, quite a bit actually.

This past Tuesday the anthology STANDING FAST ON FOREIGN SHORES was released from Dingbat Publishing. This anthology features many authors I enjoy reading. Authors such as Larry Hoy, Jamie Ibson (yeah, he gets around more than I do), Kevin Steverson, Mark Stallings, Gustavo Bondoni, and more. It’s doing well on sales but could use some more reviews (a common theme you’ll see throughout this entry). My story in it is titled “Los Banditos.”

Four days before that, another anthology I’m in was released. Edited by Jamie Ibson and published by Theogony Books, WE DARE: WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE has some amazing stories in it. It’s doing well and is already up to 20 reviews on Amazon, though I know it could do much better. My story in this one features Quintus Fox and is titled “Hard Bounty.”

Then, of course, it’s been a little over two weeks since my novel with Matt Novotny came out. THE EXECUTIONERS has been kicking butt in the rankings, staying consistently in the Top 5 for Hot New Releases in its category. It’s also running at 82 reviews, though I have a little bet with Nick Steverson (whose novel, CONSEQUENCES, came out the week before mine) on who will reach the mythical 100 review line first. There might be signed books randomly given away by both of us once we’re both there.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. Working on the second EXECUTIONERS, book as well as ON A CLOUDY DAY, which is the sequel to DAUGHTER OF THE PRIDE. A few other projects as well, and also preparing to turn in the edited CHICKS IN TANK TOPS anthology to Baen Books.

It’s crazy around here, but that’s always the case. I need to see a GI doc about some issues I’ve been having since I pulled an Exorcist after food poisoning two weeks ago. I haven’t been able to eat solid foods since without pain, and any sort of carbonated drink hurts going down. Fortunately, I can still drink coffee, so everyone is safe. Slim Fast and coffee has been my life the past two weeks.

Coincidentally, I’ve lost like 15 pounds. Weird, right? I can’t wait to get this esophagus thing fixed. I miss food.

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