Cover Reveal — Chicks in Tank Tops

Okay, not going to lie… this is my first cover as an editor. I’m super stoked!

**edit– this version has less red in it. Something happened during the upload that super saturated reds. Very weird.

In the vein of the classic CHICKS IN CHAINMAIL series comes CHICKS IN TANK TOPS. 14 stories from such luminaries like David Drake, Esther Friesner, Jody Lynn Nye, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, to up and coming authors, such as Marisa Wolf, Robert E. Hampson, A.C. Haskins, Lydia Sherrer, and Kevin Ikenberry.

Here are the Table of Contents:

Gadreel’s Folly” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Hold the Line” by Kevin Ikenberry
A Girl and Her K’t’ank” by Jody Lynn Nye
Airborne All the Way” by David Drake
Airborne: The Next Mission” by David Drake
Goddess of War” by A. C. Haskins
Barbie and Gator Ken versus the Hurricane” by Joelle Presby
Jeanne d’Architonnere” by G. Scott Huggins
Operation Dad Liberation” by Lydia Sherrer & David Sherrer
Between a Knight and a Hard Place” by Philip Wohlrab
Next Question” by Marisa Wolf
Belle’s Fantastical Mechanical Beast” by Jason Cordova & Ashley Prior
Mother” by Robert E. Hampson
Tread Softly” by Esther Friesner

Talk about a stellar lineup! CHICKS IN TANK TOPS will be released on January 3, 2023 but as soon as I get the pre-order link I’ll have that out.

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