I Thought It Had Only Been Two Weeks!

I thought only two weeks had passed since I’d last updated. I was WRONG.

Oops. My bad.

I’m on a vacation of sorts right now (first time I’ve done this and not been at a science fiction convention in a long time) but I figured I would update everyone on the crazy life of Cordova.

First off, CHICKS IN TANKS TOPS came out on the 3rd of this month and it seems to be doing well. Have you picked up your copy yet? Reviews are always welcome. So far people have seemed very receptive to the idea of stories about badass chicks in badass tanks. Let’s see if it continues.

Yesterday I found out an anthology I was involved with, LEGENDS: A JOINT TASK FORCE 13 anthology, won the Helicon Award for Best Military SF/F. If you recall, I won this award back in 2020 for my 4HU novel SONS OF THE LION. So… does that make me a x2 winner?


Then on the latest episode of WriterDojo, Larry Correia officially announced that he and I will be working on the next MONSTER HUNTER FILES anthology. The original came out back in 2017 and did very well. Well enough that Baen Books has green-lit the next anthology. This is awesome, but I don’t expect the book to be out until laaaaaaate 2024 at the very earliest. More than likely this will be seen in 2025 sometime. It’s not an open submission antho (because that would get insane in a hurry), so sorry in advance.

Meanwhile in the world of Monster Hunter International, I got to see the cover art for MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER and it looks freaking AWESOME! Alan Pollack did an amazing job and I can’t wait for all of you to see it as well. Hopefully it will be revealed in the next few weeks.

On Christmas Eve, Kevin Ikenberry and I turned in ON A CLOUDY DAY, our next 4HU book and first one either of us have written in the Phoenix Initiative story arc. This is scheduled for a January 27 release (oh yeah, quick turnaround) but it should be a pretty clean manuscript. It’s also the longest 4HU novel I’ve written to date, beating out THE EXECUTIONERS by a few thousand words, but that might change if the sequel, THE MISFITS, keeps going the way it is. Kevin and I are hoping to have THE MISFITS turned in by Jan 31. We also got to see the cover of ON A CLOUDY DAY as well, and now I get to share it with you.

Yes, that’s Sunshine’s Leopard CASPer suit. I wonder what she’s shooting at?

More release dates will be announced as I get them. I need to pay more attention to this.


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