On A Cloudy Day Is Out Now!

You heard right. ON A CLOUDY DAY, Book 3 of the Phoenix Initiative and my fifth Four Horsemen Universe book to date, dropped today and already is up to #2 in Hot New Releases. I was going to talk about how I was going to take down number one but then saw it was Salman Rushdie and decided second isn’t so bad.

I’m proud of this novel. We both are. Kevin and I really worked hard to make our characters mesh on page, and the end result will make people happy. Best of all, I kept my usual body count down. No longer are people going to be able to populate small nations with my body counts, nope. I’ve turned over a new leaf.

THE MISFITS is next. It should be around the same length as ON A CLOUDY DAY. Right now it’s scheduled for March 10th and is Book 4 of the Phoenix Initiative. Then I’m wrapping up two short stories I owe, then on to sekrit project #12 (I think that’s what it is now, I can’t remember).

Grab you copy of ON A CLOUDY DAY here and prepare yourself for a little bit of Sunshine.


2 thoughts on “On A Cloudy Day Is Out Now!

  1. Sir
    Are you going to finish the story of the wrath kin wars as I loved the four books, but I am hanging out to se the epic conclusion

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