Release Day — in Germany!

The German translation of SONS OF THE LION is currently live over on

For some reason my books do very well in Germany. I’m not complaining. I just find it odd. Keep buying my books, German-speaking world, and I’ll keep writing them.

Wenn du das Gold des Kaisers nimmst, wirst du zum Mann des Kaisers.

Für Oberst Mulbah Luo und das Kakata-Korps sahen die ersten Verträge mit der Söldnergilde vor, dass sie die Erde verteidigen. Ehrliche Arbeit, wie man ihnen weismachen wollte, um die Bürger der Erde auf ihre Weise vor der Befriedung durch Außerirdische zu schützen. Als die Besatzung jedoch weitergeht, wird ihnen bewusst, dass der Griff um ihre Kehle langsam fester wird.

Nach einem Versuch von außen, Westafrika in einen nicht enden wollenden Bürgerkrieg zu stürzen, müssen sich
die Kakata-Korps für eine Seite entscheiden. Werden sie ihren Eid erfüllen und gegen ihr eigenes Volk kämpfen, auch wenn es sie ihre eigene Seele kostet? Oder wird der Ruf der Freiheit – der Freiheit von der Merc-Gilde – selbst die härtesten Seelen bewegen?

Der Krieg um die Erde wütet weiter. Die Seelen eines ganzen Volkes stehen auf dem Spiel.

In other news, I’m still plugging away at a few projects. My headspace wasn’t right for the urban fantasy idea I have outlines and begun — mostly because I still have MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER in the brain and I don’t want to mix the two up. However, that means I’m back to work on a different project. Which is fine. Really.

One thing I’ve been noticing is that bookstores aren’t carrying as many books as they used to. Unless you’re a HUGE bestselling author, most stores don’t have the shelf space to carry your book. It sucks for newer authors, but there is a way around it.

Instead of pre-ordering your book from Amazon, pre-order it from a bookstore. If 10 people go into their favorite B&N, for example, and pre-order MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER, then B&N will see that there is a massive surge in pre-orders and will suggest to the local managers that they might want to carry the title. I mean, I love the convenience of Amazon, don’t get me wrong. But most books are purchased either after recommendations of friends, or people buying a book at a store and spotting something else on the shelf.

Also, if you can, ask the store staff about author events. Most authors only have like 1-2 people show up for a signing (unless, again, you’re a RealAuthor™ and regularly get 500 people for an autograph session) so when the public actually shows interest, the bookstores will show interest. This doesn’t necessarily apply to B&N, for example, but I know Joseph-Beth (Kentucky and Ohio-based bookstores) has held many author signings after people have asked about it.

Back to the word mines for me. Just thought I’d pass along the info.


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