Preorder Day — In France!

The Kin Wars have been translated into another language — this time, we’re invading France!

(I jest, I jest… Spain doesn’t want France. We want Portugal)

This means the Kin Wars have now been translated into German and French, besides the original English publication. Counting the Japanese translation for the Kaiju Apocalypse novelettes I co-authored with Eric S. Brown back in 2014 and I’m now in four languages! Woot!

Gotta admit, the French title for the series is pretty baller. Definitely better than the Germans (sorry Germany).

La Saga de la Guerre des Kin

Cool, no?

All four books at available for preorder over at Amazon France. Me, ever Mister Helpful, has provided links below.

Also, my buddies Nick Steverson and Melissa Olthoff had a book come out last week. Did you get your copy of HUNTERS & HIJINKS yet? You really should.

The Kin Wars (French version)


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