In the Land of Confusion (aka Cordovatown)

It’s not like I purposefully forget to update the website!

I, uh, forgot to update the website… all the same.

So what’s new in the Land of Cordova? Well, quite a bit is going on around here.

Larry Correia and I are going over the final edits of MONSTER HUNTER MEMOIRS: FEVER right now. Yeah, we’re a little behind schedule, but the book itself is amazing. I’m usually the sort who plays down the book, but this one? WOW. October 6, 2023 is the release date. You can preorder it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or wherever else Baen Books are sold. Preorders will get us on that bestseller list, and word of mouth will generate more excitement. Best part? You don’t have to actually have read any of the Monster Hunter Memoirs novels which came before… mostly because the timeline of FEVER happens before both the mainline novels and the original Memoirs ones.

The edits for the anthology A SYMPHONY OF CHAOS are ongoing. Since I gave the authors until October 11 to get their stories in, I’m not panicking. I’m looking at this one potentially coming out in Summer 2024 from Baen. If not, then maybe Spring 2025.

Also exciting news… I signed another contract with Baen for a standalone novel of my very own! I’m not going to talk about what it’s for just yet, though. That announcement will be made at Libertycon. Suffice to say I’m super exited and really looking forward to this novel. That book is tentatively scheduled for a November 2024 release, but that is subject to change.

Also, WE DARE: OLD AGE AND TREACHERY was recently released from CKP. The anthology, edited by Jamie Ibson, is probably the final one he’s doing. I’ve been in three of the previous We Dare anthologies. This one features a braided short story I wrote with Jamie about my favorite space bounty hunter, Quintus Fox, as he goes toe-to-toe with the legendary game warden Orph Buffington (Jamie’s character). Lots of fun in this one involving quantum wolf pups, crooked law enforcement, a cheesecake food fight during a military ball, and lots and lots of gunfights.

Yes, Hollywood, I’m available. Why do you ask?


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