Evil Unicorns

Sorry about yesterday, but when the muse beats you over the head with a bat and orders you to write, you listen or risk concussion-like symptoms. Besides, I'm sure you'd rather me be writing than messing around on here, right? Right? So I heard that Pyr Books is launching a YA branch of their books... Continue Reading →

200cc’s of Espresso, Stat!

Officially back to work today. Received two more books for the review pile over at Shiny Book Review. The first one, Stuff Christians Like, is highly amusing so far. The other, Kristine Kathryn Rusch's advanced reader copy of City of Ruins, has been read already and is about to be reviewed. Look for it sometime in... Continue Reading →

Cease and Desist

I had a brief moment of "Uh oh" this afternoon when I went out to check the mail. I noticed what appeared to be an official looking large envelope from Pyr Books crammed into the mailbox. I handled it with some caution because I have heard stories about "official looking envelopes" and the havoc they... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Brain F***

Reviewed Paul McAuley's Cowboy Angels over at SBR this morning. Dear God, that book'll mess with your mind! I'll post more this evening. Right now, I'm trying to de-blenderize my brain.

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