Evil Unicorns

Sorry about yesterday, but when the muse beats you over the head with a bat and orders you to write, you listen or risk concussion-like symptoms. Besides, I’m sure you’d rather me be writing than messing around on here, right?


So I heard that Pyr Books is launching a YA branch of their books and was impressed. Seems like there’s no stopping Lou Anders these days. I like most of their books and consider their Vampire Empire series to be one of the best in a while. However, soon after the news broke (yesterday) I received about a half dozen or so emails from people asking me if I was submitting Christian Cole for Pyr’s consideration. The answer, for now, is no, unless Lou and Co are going to throw a few grand my way for an advance on the novels. I don’t really see that happening any time soon, by the way, so don’t get your hopes up.

A long time ago (last summer), I read a book written by my friend Lydia. It was a fantasy book (high fantasy, and those of you who know me know my opinion of high fantasy) about an evil unicorn, which I was totally on board with. The rest of the book was meh, but that evil unicorn… yeah, I was all about that, and even mentioned it a few times (along with my burning desire to see books about jackbooted Elves dominating a world with their tanks and aeroplanes and such).

I think the evil unicorn theme is the next BIG THING in urban fantasy, once the zombies run their course.

Kerlak Publishing released Janet Morris and Chris Morris’s latest book, The Sacred Band, in hardcover today. I’ve seen it and it is a beautiful book. The $39.95 price tag is a little off-putting, but for that price it should last for just about forever. I’ve been reading some of it and so far, my favorite character is Crit. Both authors will be at Libertycon this July, so you might want to think about buying a copy so you can get it signed. If you can’t afford it, the ebook is only $9.99 and more manageable. Granted, I’ve always been enamored with the idea of a book that doubles as homeland security…

For those of you interested in getting to know the new universe I’m writing in (Sha’Daa), here is a link to the first anthology of the universe. There are some great stories in there. Hopefully fans of that series turn around and discover they like my other stuff.

Lastly, my posting may be sporadic on here over the next few weeks. Just giving you a head’s up.

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