Burn A Bridge Much?

One thing I try to warn people is that in the publishing industry, agents talk amongst themselves. Just because they are competitors doesn’t mean that they don’t talk amongst each other regarding prospective clients. Especially the ones who don’t handle rejection well.

Over at Schlock Mercenary, Howard Tayler brings up just how one person can burn a bridge for eternity with just one post or, worse still, one blog. It’s worth mentioning (and reminding) people that while you may not think that agents or anybody reads your little blog, agents and publishers are fairly familiar with this new invention called “Google”. Note the sarcasm? Yeah, thought so.

Don’t do what this person did and post your greivances against any publisher or agent. Especially don’t yell at them for rejecting your novel. While you may know (or think, your call) you’re an amazing writer, the rest of the world is still catching up.

We’re all guilty of venting off some steam every once in a while (especially when, say, you’re book is almost two years overdue and publisher still hasn’t put it out yet) and get frustrated with the system, but you have to work it to make it work for you. And part of that is to not burn your matchbox and dry twig bridge.

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